To anyone thinking of NOT voting...

You're right, the system is flawed. It wields it's power to serve the interest of a few who care not for the people, but for their own ill-gotten gains...and that's a shitty place to be!

Not voting is not going to change that though! If you give up your right to vote you're surrendering your power, not reclaiming it...even worse you're giving those who are more influence!

The results of today's election WILL affect you, there's no question about that: where you're able to go when you get sick or injured, how those in need are treated, the roads you drive on, the parks you walk in, the amount it costs you to buy or rent your home, how much your food is, what goes in to it and how it's farmed / reared, whether some wanker has the right to #frack under your house or if some idiots spend a £100billion on missiles while people are going hungry and living on the affects who YOU choose to go to war with next, whether YOU are going to allow companies to continue to get away with stealing money that could be going to pay for all those things, it's affects whether YOU'RE bothered about changing things so there's actual an island and a planet to live on!

If you're still not convinced, at the very least turn up and spoil your vote, register the fact you think it's all wrong (in the 2014 Local Elections 'rejected votes' were counted)...just don't be a chump and do nothing!