Pomodoro Technique - Throw Starfish Episode 003

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I've found the Pomodoro Technique really useful...I don't use it everyday, but regularly; often to get me focusing and in to working if I'm not finding it easy.

You can listen to all three of our experiences with it here, but it's fundamentally a really-really simple system of shutting out all distractions for 25minutes of focused worked with short 5minute breaks in between...followed by a longer break after the 4th stint for 15-30minutes.

So a full cycle of ‘Pomodori’ is:

1) 25mins Work + 5mins Break

2) 25mins + 5mins

3) 25mins + 5mins

4) 25mins + 15-30mins Long Break

TOTAL = 2hrs 10m to 2hrs 25m

I don't always stick to the 25 minute work stints if I'm really in flow (sometime I don't even hear the buzzer), but taking regular breaks does really help with keeping my energy levels up throughout the day...so to help I use the Clockwork Tomato App on Android. 

So give it a go, let us know how you get on...

UPDATE Sun 6th Nov 2016

Ruth mentions Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer at Microsoft's book Business Reimagined, there's a really good RSA Talk of him explaining more of his ideas around 'Re-Imagining Work' here...

UPDATE Fri 30th Dec 2016

I'm currently playing around with the Work Stint times to see what works best for as I've found 25minutes a little bit too short and keep running over in to my break quite a lot...fortunately this is changeable in Clockwork Tomato (not sure about other Apps / iOS)

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