Mindfulness - Throw Starfish Episode 006

If you've never had a go at Meditation / Mindfulness then you need to have a listen to this, because it's not what you think it is...and even if you've had a go before, we might have some suggestions or an approach that can get you the benefits without any of the barriers!

I've recommended it before and I'll continue to do so, it's worth every penny...HeadSpace is one of the best Apps I own and you can  it completely for free, no card details required, just download it and you get the Full 10 Session Foundation course for nowt!

You can watch a brief over from Andy Puddicombe talking at TEDSalon in London from 2012 below and listen to our thoughts and experiences with it here

We all agree that this has helped each of us in wonderful ways and is the best part part of the Miracle Morning...and includes wonderful little videos like this...

Give it a go, it really could change you life!

Jonny DouglasComment