Social Media - Throw Starfish Episode 007

Social Media is huge complicated, ever-changing beast and I'm by no means any sort of expert; the large majority of what I have learnt has very much been though trial-and-error...and think the only way that you can work out things yourself is to have a go...and a listen to our Podcast on how best to go about having a go obviously!

I can't stress enough, picking the one (or ones) you're going to have a go at / develop and focus on them...there really is no point being on there if you're not active!! Social Media is a means not an end, it's just another channel through which you communicate and converse, and it needs curating beautifully in a appropriate way for each one...all link with all the other mediums though which you talk to your audience / listeners / customers.

It's also a very dynamic landscape, constantly changing and demanding of time, care and attention! There are all sorts of ways to track your performance through different metrics, but just like we discussed in our Success Podcast, you have to define what this measures are going to use to decide what's working for you. Ultimately it's less about likes and reTweets than it is about sales and getting people to act!

I do manage a lot of Social Media accounts and for this I use Hootsuite to schedule posts ...I can't imagine how it could be done otherwise; I pay for it, but believe you can have up to 5 accounts for free!


If you want to follow any of my Social Media accounts you can find them:

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Do let us know how you get on...Happy Social Media-ing!

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