Success - Throw Starfish Episode 004

Click on the image to listen to our Podcast on Success

Click on the image to listen to our Podcast on Success

We've taken the Podcast in a different direction for Episode 004...exploring the big and somewhat hard-to-define subject of Success. You can listen to each of our different perspectives and what we discover here.'s 

During our conversation we discuss the the importance of what we measure and Gross Nation Happiness, something I first came across in Chip Conley's 2010 TED's well worth a watch / listen.

We also talk about the mythical physical definition of Success that is portrayed...well, everywhere. I'm sure most of you are aware of the amount of Photo-shopping that goes on with EVERY IMAGE YOU SEE, but just in case you're not, you'll want to stop what you're doing right now and watch this, because IT WILL SHOCK YOU!!

We all get drawn in by the smoke and mirrors at some point, it's highly sophisticated machine that's been under extremely well funded development for decades...even I used to have a lovely poster of a Ferrari F40 above my bed as a kid and I'm not saying if that turns out to be your consciously chosen, well-thought-out and thoroughly researched as a place to aim for that's fine, but from the little I've learnt about this crazy world in which we live in, material things do not seem to work as you think they might!

Personally I don't think money's a good thing to aim for or judge how well I'm doing by how little or much of it I have, but however you choose to define your yardstick, make sure it's one that YOU'VE CHOSEN rather than something that's been picked by someone else!

UPDATE Mon 26th Dec 16

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UPDATE Fri 30th Dec 16

This article actually came out on 2011, but I've only just come across it...trendy knock-off High Street retailer H&M admit to only using models heads / faces photo-shopped on to completely virtual bodies on their website!! Read more here!

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