Exercise - Throw Starfish Episode 009

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Our latest episode is all about Exercise, listen here.

When I was younger (probably 11/12 to 17) I played Octopush, which is underwater hockey and used to be pretty good at it!

In more recent times I got into Slacklining in 2012, having seeing Sketchy Andy in the 2011 Reel Rock Tour films...

...and then again at shAFF - Sheffield Adventure Film Festival ...

...I can't do the tricks, but do find it brilliant exercise for both body and mind. It really ticks my boxes for needing something to engage me while exercising!

From time to time I do take my Power Kites out...but not very often these days!

As mentioned in the episode and back in our Miracle Morning Episode I have created a prototype/make shift cycling desk in the Studio made from an Exercise Bike I got from a Charity Shop for £5!

Since giving up playing 6-a-side football with my mates on Wednesday evening because of work commitments I don't really have any regular designated 'exercise time'! I do always integrate walking into my day though, usually on the way back from places...which I do at 'Jonny-speed' with a pretty heavy bag of stuff on my back!

When I have enough time to make it part of my morning routine I do press-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups as part of my Miracle Morning too.

It is something I do need to make the effort to build back in to my life...any and all suggestions about what and how welcome!?

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