Trackers and Tracking - Throw Starfish Podcast 008

Click on the image to listen to our Podcast on Trackers and Tracking...

Click on the image to listen to our Podcast on Trackers and Tracking...

I was aware I tracked things, but it wasn't until we started talking about what we did and how, that I realised how many different things I tracked! Have a listen to the Podcast to hear about all the different things we each track and why!

The reason I track things is so that I have information to be able to hopefully make a more informed decision when trying to explain, change or improve things.

As discussed in the Episode I keep tabs on a number of things on my Bullet Journal trackers which you can see here... might seem like quite a complex matrix that would take a long time, but it really doesn't, it's just a case of checking off the things I try to integrate into my day!

My Bullet Journal trackers comprises of tracking:

My Sleep, which I do using an App called Sleep...which I then put on to Google Calendar so I have a visual reference. As well as writing my fall asleep / wake up times and duration down each day, at the end of the week I work out the averages for these and any deficit!

My Miracle Morning: for which I record which Headspace Session I have done, my Morning Incantations, Visualisation, any Exercise, reading and my Journal installments.

A also keep a tally of the alcohol I consume, the Fruit 'n' Veg I eat and the number of pints of Water I drink.

Other Apps that I find really useful

Time Sheet which I use to keep abreast of all the time I spend on all the different projects I work on and the hours I do for each of my clients.

I don't use this all the time, because putting in every meal in exact detail can become a bit onerous, but My Fitness Pal is brilliant for getting a real insight into what you're consuming...calories, carbs, fats, sugar, the lot! It also allows you to gauge the impact different sorts of exercise has, so you can balance your overall input and burn of calories...the true key to weight control!

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