Happiness - Throw Starfish Episode 012

Click on the image to listen...

Click on the image to listen...

This week our Podcast is all about 'Happiness', what it means to each of us and how we define it...listen here

I managed to find the source of the quote I threw in to the mix at the start of our discussions...turns out it's from late 90's comedy series, Third Rock from the Sun.

On this planet, there are people with talents and people with flaws. The smart ones learn to use their talents, but the happy ones learn to accept their flaws.
— Dick Solomon, brilliantly played John Lithgow

This is my wee LEGO Man that I always have with me and 'charge up' with happiness and positivity, so that I can trigger it when I'm not feeling so good!

...at the best of times, like this at Glastonbury each year - Arcadia Spectacular always provides the most amazing of feelings!

Here's the brilliant lesson from Alan Watts, al of his stuff is really good, but 'Why Your Life Is Not A Journey' is especially powerful!

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