An interview with Pennie - Throw Starfish Episode 015

The 3rd and final Throw Starfish Team interview is with business partner, best friend and always an inspiration; have a listen's an amazing story.

Our really-Really BIG project is Avenues to Zero / Save Mount Pleasant.

Providing a new way for everyone to Live, Work, Learn and Play together. We are on a mission to bring the whole of Mount Pleasant to life as a hub of opportunity, skills and hope for the surrounding communities. We are creating a place where anyone, regardless of their age, background or experience, can access resources and support to get from surviving to thriving.

After fighting for over 3 years to stop this incredible community and heritage landmark being disposed of we have, for now, stopped it being sold off and turned into a Luxury Retirement Complex! Having got the Council to agree to put it back on the market, our not-for-profit community scheme now has the opportunity to secure the site so that the whole of Sheffield can use and enjoy it for another 240 years. To do this we need your help...join us, because together we really can change things.

Jonny DouglasComment