Getting it done - Throw Starfish Episode 016

New Year resolution maker or not, there's no denying that this time of year definitely has a certain feel to it, one of fresh starts, potential and possibility. Have a listen to this weeks Podcast to hear all about what we think and are (and aren't doing) for 2017!

Having a vision of where you want to be is SO important, without it you really don't stand much chance of doing least not something you're going to be genuinely proud of! It's one of Dr Stephen Covey's key habits...Habit 2 - 'Begin with the end in mind' and you've got to imagine it in as much detail as possible; see it, hear it, smell, it taste it, touch it...really feel it deep down. I'm not always the biggest fan, but Tony Robbins explains it well here:

Whatever or wherever the place that you want to get to is, regardless of what you some divine power, serendipity, that the Universe is going to provide; the question you need to keep asking / in mind is: How do I get there? Because that orientates whatever your beliefs are to find ways and present those opportunities to you. For me 'that force' is your subconscious mind, but whatever you choose to credit it to it''ll start getting you closer!

Launching our #100days Challenge

An experiment to see how, if you turn a big goal into a 100 tiny steps (and give yourself 100 days to achieve it) how much more likely are you to complete something quite significant...or at least get pretty darn close to achieving it...listen to the Podcast for more details. If you use the hashtags #ThrowStarfish and #100Days and we’ll share your stories, answer your questions and discuss your thoughts.

I've actually set myself an number Challenges to really test the system...they're not fully defined yet, but I have started turning them into SMART Goals:

Specific - Exactly what is it that you want to accomplish..the more detail the better?

Measurable - In what ways can you measure your goal so that you know you're making progress / that you've succeeded?

Attainable - Is the goal something you know you can actually you have control / influence over it?

Realistic - Do you have the capabilities, resources and physical abilities to reach you goal?

OR (depending on the model you use)

Relevant - Is this goal relevant to your life / business right does it fit in?

Time-bound - How much time will you allow yourself to accomplish this goal?


My Challenges are:

Sleep - Mastered and implemented routine...for 30days straight

Something I have battled with my entire life, that there really is no excuse for not getting on top of..regardless of what else I have to change about my life!

Body - Stronger, fitter, healthier me...lean and ripped

It's something we'd all like and there's really no reason why (with a little effort and discipline) can't be mine!

The Mount - Mount Pleasant saved, secured and in the bag

2017 is our time, we are going to make this dream a reality, so that it can bring other peoples dreams to life!

'Shirt' - Skilled at making a properly tailored shirt....from scratch 

I'm kind of know for my shirts (and love making things), so I've decided (despite having no idea how) that rather than thinking how it'd be nice to be able to make one myself, I'm going to learn how!

We'll be blogging and doing an interim Podcast on our progress, but for now I've set up a Throw Starfish 100days Challenge Pinterest Board that I'll be pinning things related to working out and making my challenges happen.

Would love to hear what you're going to go get this year?

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