When Shit Hits the Fan - Throw Starfish Episode 017

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As far as I can tell, from the little I know about life and building a business...and starting projects...and running events...and trying to change the world for the better in my own small way; is that the only difference between those that make it and those who don't (however they define Success) is those who do never give up and find ways to deal with whatever happens, especially when it all goes to the wall!

Have a listen to the Podcast here to get all our thoughts and ideas on dealing with life When Shit Hits the Fan

I'm a big fan of Prince Ea (we've shown his videos at PKNSheff pechakuchasheffield.com/ a number of times), he has a lot of great videos / advice which he articulates beautifully and it's his 'The Farmer Story' that is particularly relevent to this week's Podcast

You can watch the full version of Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address where he talks about things connecting up and making sense when you look back, but not always at the time. It's well worth it; there's quite a few good commencement addresses out there, but I reckon this is still the best.

As discussed, in trying to help someone with a couple of things they were struggling with in some coaching recently I recommended this article that helps you start recognising, understanding and overcoming Impostor Syndrome: '21 Proven Ways To Overcome Impostor Syndrome'...have a read, you might be suffering without even realising!

Always remember, the Tuck Pendleton Machine is a myth...!

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